Company profile

GAIN is a unique boutique Contractor Payment Solution for those individuals looking to enjoy the benefits of becoming a Flexible Worker.
The driving force behind GAIN

In 2006 the Government issued a Finance Bill that incorporated legislation making it more difficult for individuals to work as a genuine self-employed Contractor. Although we passionately supported the Government's aim to stop people claiming to be self-employed when they obviously weren't. We also saw the damage this new legislation would cause for those genuine professionals still wishing to benefit from the advantages being a Director and a Contractor bring.

We saw a unique opportunity to offer a solution that combined the freedom of being a Contractor with the protection of being paid on a purely PAYE basis. And so we founded GAIN.

Continuously aiming to give you more

The team at GAIN is driven to provide you with the best personal customer service possible every day, every week. Our highly experienced individuals, based in the UK, are dedicated to ensuring you get paid correctly, legally and on time - that's why we are here, to make sure you Get More.

GAIN grows organically, through word of mouth from our Contractors introducing us to other like-minded professionals and embedding us into more and more recruitment businesses across the UK. This expansion continues and we are continually looking to improve our service to our Contractors. GAIN was established 8 years ago and has a track record of over 150,000 payments. Every week we manage hundreds of thousands of pounds on behalf of our Contractors.