gain for contractors

Why use Gain?

Contractors that work with GAIN can optimise their take home pay, enjoying the freedom of being a contractor with the protection of being paid on a purely PAYE basis.

Earn more money

Choosing to be paid through GAIN, compared to many Umbrella solutions and Personal Service Companies (PSCs) could save you hundreds of £s immediately in reduced weekly charges.

We know that Contractors using these types of solutions are being charged unfair, exorbitant fees. Often twice as much as a GAIN Contractor would pay.

Contractors that choose to be paid using the GAIN scheme will increase their take home pay compared to working on a PAYE basis provided that you meet the right criteria for our model.

Your money in your pocket

Becoming a Director means that you won't get Holiday Pay held back from your weekly payments and have to worry about claiming it back.

As a Director, you won't accrue Holiday Pay, but you will benefit from receiving all of the money you make every week, paid up front and in your pocket immediately. Contractors that benefit from the GAIN service are typically much better off than being paid on a PAYE basis.

Reduce your tax

Claiming back legitimate business expenses incurred during your working week through the GAIN Contractor Payment Solution will reduce how much tax you pay and increase your take home pay.

Meet HMRC requirements

You are paid on a PAYE basis. The GAIN solution ensures that all PAYE liabilities are calculated precisely and paid over to HMRC on time, without fail on your behalf.

No admin burden

GAIN will take care of all of the legal responsibilities for the company that you work for as part of the GAIN solution, like ensuring company returns are filed on time and your accounts are up to date. All at no extra charge.

No hidden charges

If you are already a Contractor, using an Umbrella solution, or being paid through a Personal Service Company (PSC), you can save hundreds of £s every year in your administration charges. You'll pay no more than your low weekly administration charge. Call Gain today to see how much you could save this year.

Other solutions may look to charge you numerous extras, like charges to register your company for VAT and make annual returns. So be careful when choosing the right solution for you. GAIN has none of these.