gain for contractors

Working with GAIN

The GAIN solution is designed to be as simple, low in administration and cost efficient for Contractors as possible:
Simple Expenses Upload:

You can upload your legitimate weekly business expenses directly to the team by mobile or online, making it easy to communicate with us. Sending a simple text, and/ or uploading a scanned image of your Weekly Expense Form enables us to manage your tax liabilities correctly for you.

You can find the right scanning app for your mobile phone, by just putting "mobile scanning apps" into Google.

No Set - Up Charges

We're looking forward to working with you, so why would we want to charge you to join us?

No Leaving Charges

We understand that things change for Contractors all the time and you shouldn't be penalised for your choice to be a flexible worker. If you get a full time job, that's great news! If you decide GAIN isn't for you, no hard feelings. Whatever the circumstance, we won't charge you to leave.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

Your dedicated Customer Service Team is based in the UK and our friendly, professional experts are there to support you every step of the way.

Drivers Negligence Insurance

Ask us about our solution that provides you with cover for Drivers Negligence Insurance and peace of mind whilst you are at work.