New Legislation

NEW Government Legislation is coming… April 2016!

From April 2016 workers employed through an employment intermediary, who are considered to be under supervision, direction or control within their role, will no longer be able to claim tax relief on their "home-to-work travel and subsistence expenses".

The New Government Legislation will apply to workers employed through an employment intermediary, such as;

  • An umbrella company (a company employing workers and supplying them to business).
  • A Personal service company (PSC).
  • Or a Recruitment agency/employment business, who claim “home-to-work travel and subsistence expenses” against their taxes.

You can see a full breakdown of the new rules at - Gov UK - T&S.

The GAIN model is fit for the current legislation and will continue to operate under the new legislation due in April.

GAIN gives agencies the ability to pay workers within the legislation; costing agencies less than the equivalent PAYE and optimising their workers take home pay.

We have developed unique technology to give agencies the control to pay their workers either within SDC or Non-SDC and the additional flexibility to maximise benefits to the agency and the worker.

Agency Benefits;

  • FREE to the Agency
  • Free Public Liability Insurance
  • Free Drivers Negligence Insurance
  • No Dividends (No risk of MSC Legislation)
  • All Paid PAYE
  • Benefit of NIER’s for under or over 21 year olds
  • Risk control for other expenses
  • Full control of Non SDC & SDC hours
  • Optimise expenses across time (IEP Technology)
  • Optimise T&S expenses against Non SDC hours

Worker Benefits;

  • FREE to the worker
  • Qualifies for State Pension
  • Optimises any relevant benefit claims
  • Maximise their expenses benefit using Intelligent Expense Processor

Zero Risk – Zero Cost – Total Flexibility

To take advantage of the GAIN solution which has been going for over 7 years and proven to be working within legislation during this time call us now on 01594 888519 to discuss or email for further information.