gain for recruiters

Why use Gain?

Recruitment Businesses that work with GAIN can become more profitable whilst removing the risks and costs involved with being an employer.

The team at GAIN understand that your time should be spent winning new business, sourcing the best talent and developing existing client relationships, not wasted worrying about processing Contractor payroll.

Increase your margin

Contractors being paid through the GAIN Contractor Payroll Solution can generate a higher gross margin than those paid on a PAYE basis, as all of the additional costs associated with employing someone are removed.

Reduce your administration

Recruiters making payments to any Limited Companies and directly to Limited Company Contractors now have to legally report this to HMRC every quarter or risk getting fined. Paying Workers through the GAIN solution reduces this administration headache for you, as we will provide the information you need to report to HMRC in a timely manner.

Gain the competitive edge

GAIN gives you the flexibility to tender for high volume, low margin contracts. The slowdown in the economy during the recession years put pressure on the levels of margin that could be achieved and meant that Recruiters often had to walk away from contracts because there was no profit in them. Working with the GAIN solution on these types of contracts could mean that supplying is now a viable option due to the cost savings achieved.

Reduce your costs

Any Contractors paid through GAIN are not your employees. This will reduce any liabilities you may have in terms of being an employer, like Employers National Insurance Contributions, Holiday Pay Accrual and Pension Contributions on those Contractors who meet the specific criteria to use GAIN. Less cost and less admin for you.

Not only that, working with GAIN removes the fixed costs associated with running your own internal weekly payroll: extra staff, employment costs, office space, software licenses, stationery and management time. All the things that put a strain on your time and cash flow.

Reduce your risk

Our unique Contractor Payment Solution is totally compliant with Minimum Wage Legislation. All PAYE liabilities (Employer and Employee) are paid directly to HMRC.

In addition, Contractors paid through GAIN sit outside of Working Time Directive (WTD), Agency Worker Regulations (AWR), IR35 and the new Pension Legislation. We will Indemnify you, and your clients, against any claims made by Contractors paid through the GAIN scheme under the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) Legislation.

And Contractors paid through GAIN have the option to be covered by their own Drivers Negligence Insurance policy, protecting both you and your client.

GAIN is a Contractor Payment Solution. It is not a Managed Service Company and does not fall under the current MSC Legislation. As a result there is no risk of 3rd Party Debt Transfer.