gain for recruiters

GAIN for Your Clients

AWR Indemnity:

We will Indemnify your clients against any claims made by Workers paid through the GAIN scheme under the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) Legislation.

High Staff Morale:

Workers choosing to benefit from the GAIN solution will typically take home more money each week than if they were working on a PAYE basis, making it a more positive experience to be at work. A happier workforce is going to be much more productive for your Clients.

Consistent Quality:

Workers that want to use GAIN, are not PAYE employees and don't fall under the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) Legislation.

Your clients will know that there will be no disruptive changeover of Workers every 10 or 11 weeks by recruitment businesses trying to avoid their obligations under AWR Legislation. Obligations that expose them to increases in training costs and inductions, as well as losses in profit due to a reduction in productivity.

Clients using Workers that are part of the GAIN scheme will enjoy a consistent supply of quality, highly trained and experienced Workers that will make a real difference to their business.

Peace of Mind:

You can assure your clients that all of your Workers are paid legally and ethically.