gain for recruiters

Working with Gain

The GAIN solution is designed to be as simple, low in administration and cost efficient for Recruitment Businesses as possible:
It's Completely Free:

There are zero costs to your business when working with GAIN. Introducing your Contractors to the possibility of using our GAIN solution will only help to increase profitability, lower costs, reduce employment risks and give you time to spend on growing your business.

Dedicated Account Manager:

You'll have a dedicated, UK based, account manager. They will be responsible for liaising with you and your Contractors to ensure a smooth transition to the GAIN solution.

Easy Online Submissions:

You can submit your payment instruction to us directly, using our simple, easy to use, online portal every week.

Personal Induction:

Our dedicated team of experts will call you and arrange a personal induction suitable to you, once you've come on board.